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We offer educational programs for kindergarten, elementary school and high school students according to the curriculum. In particular, we offer training programs in astronomy, geography, natural and technical sciences. The Science Center is divided into two complementary parts:

The digitarium is intended mainly for teaching natural and technical sciences, especially physics (with emphasis on astronomy and space), mathematics, chemistry, robotics. Capacity is 20 seats.

Science on the sphere
Science on the sphere is intended mainly for teaching ecology, environment, geography and geology (for example, the global warming of our planet can be beautifully demonstrated). Capacity is 20 seats.

If you take a bus, the whole school set can be divided into two groups, which are located in both installations.
Follow the selection of topics from the weekly program and book your seats through our reservation system!

Science lectures
Science lectures are intended for 8th and 9th grade elementary and high school students. The researcher will tell pupils and students about his / her scientific work in a popular way. The aim is to attract pupils and students to science.

In addition to teaching for students, we organize seminars for teachers
Teachers will get acquainted with our projection technique and in the advanced course they will also try out its control.

We look forward to meeting you and your students at our center.